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Welcome to My Sanctuary

Being that I am a student and a commuter, I do still live at home. But in all honesty, I really don’t mind. My parents are always supportive. 329 more words


Astronomy is Space Weather

Meteorologists study the atmosphere on Earth. You might think from the title meteorology that a meteorologist would study meteors. They do… sort of. Meteorologists study hydrometeors as in rain, sleet, snow and hail in our atmosphere. 755 more words


Jessica Biel is Alive!

Hey guess what?

Jessica Biel finally ventured outside into the sunshine after having her Timberlake baby.  

This is like the most amazing news ever!

Thanks gossip magazines for your hard edge reporting.   181 more words

10 Things That Make Me Sexually Attracted to Justin Timberlake

1. He is really confident in his sexuality.  I mean really, look at that face of success.

2. He can definitely close the deal, leaving a woman satisfied. 30 more words

Rants And What Not.