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Suck it up buttercup

The challenge is on, 5×50 challenge has felt to be getting the better of me!

As you know I have been having problems with my ankles, well add to the mix a sore knee and aching back, do I seriously want to injure myself for the sake of achieving a challenge?   575 more words


Laura's Great Run

Our Laura’s taking part in Morrison’s Great Birmingham Run today, raising money for The Donkey Sanctuary. Here’s her JustGiving page if you fancy donating some money to a great cause. 142 more words


Sponsor Our Runners...

To sponsor one of our runners, do visit the Woolf Institute’s JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/woolfinstitute/ or click on the individual names below.

Many thanks for supporting the Woolf Institute. 921 more words


Today’s younger generation bar a few never grace the out-doors anymore. Unlikely fond memories I have of kitting up on a mini adventures (with my dingy) and ration’s ‘namely jam sandwiches, chocolate bars and cans of coke and setting off for a weekend of fun and excitement – they just don’t leave the virtual world of xbox or playstation. 508 more words

The Marathon Man Who Faced Amputation

As Austin Rathe embarks on this Sunday’s London Marathon, his experience of lying in a hospital bed with two shattered legs will be a distant memory. 654 more words


...It's marathon week!

I’m not entirely sure how this week has come around so fast, but it has – MARATHON WEEK!

The hardest part has been resting, I’m an ‘ants in my pants’  kind of person (if that kind of person exists), I find it really hard to sit on my bum and do nothing.   456 more words

Charity Bike Ride

I hope I can steal a minute of your time for this short post which is important and close to me.

Today, I saw on Facebook a… 169 more words