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Less than a month to go!

So with less than a month to go everything starts falling into place. I write this on the approach to my last few days working at PLB, and I come to reflect on what it has been. 264 more words

Just Writing

My mind has yet to have enough.

My body is on the verge of stopping.

But I’m simply hoping.

I’m in your thoughts.

As you’re in mine. 11 more words


Happy Birthday

Today is Richard Dawkins’ 74th birthday. He’s the same age as my father (more reason to love him). If I’m honest, I like him more than just a thinker/ writer (much more than uncle Hitch for instance – for even though I strongly agree with some of Christopher Hitchens’ arguments, I can never forgive him for supporting the invasion of Iraq). 85 more words

Just Writing

From:Writer To:Speaker

Please don’t allow my silence to cause you to feel as if I can’t relate to you. I can and probably more than you will ever know. 187 more words

Just Writing

Mourning Crusade

Bruised and battered,
propped up against the Western Wall,
I curl into myself,
each breath a painful labour.

I wait for the hurt to subside. 107 more words

Just Writing


A grey lethargy crept up from behind,
and wrapped his clammy fingers
around my neck.
I only noticed when his grip began to tighten… 30 more words

Just Writing

Vulnerable Confession

I don’t want to live my life filled with “what if” moments. There have been so many in this short life of mine and today I have officially reached my limit. 192 more words