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I Just Want to Write

You know that little voice in the back of your head? It’s constantly spewing crazy, nonsensical ideas that you never wanted to think of, right? Because then you have to imagine all of the kinds of beautiful that life would be if you could actually afford to listen to it. 257 more words


Dear Love

Dear Love,

Life is hard, and easy at the same time

They say, that our happiness is in our hands, as we are able to make ourselves happy yet we choose to forget that fact and make life hard for ourselves… 210 more words

Just Writing

Why did I start this blog?

Instead of posting my first post called “test 1″ which I almost did and was so willing to hold-on to and then edit it, etc (perfectionism!), I want to post something real. 325 more words

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Top 10: Favorite Electronic Music Artists – Part 2

Hello, crew!

It’s been a week since I last posted something. I’ve been enjoying reading week at my home with friends and taking it pretty slow. 1,166 more words


It's the Foundation You Drank

I’m in a claustrophobically small library. The middle-aged man who’s in charge of books asks me to wait in the waiting room while he’s finding the book I’m looking for (apparently, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christopher Hitchens have written a book together and that is the treasure the taciturn library man is going to give me.) 407 more words

Just Writing

A Scientific Fact.

God loves me, even though I’m an atheist and he doesn’t exist.

Just Writing