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Michele, I have no idea if you know that tonight your memory has helped quiet my spirit. Thank you….

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The Prayer

I was at the grocery store the other day and overheard a little boy talking to his mom and dad. I missed most of the conversation but what I walked up on was…well, funny! 229 more words


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[embed]http://youtu.be/Ov1SOhwfbys[/embed] I'm struggling to make sense of things in my life. Changes. Reminding myself not to make people and things a priority when I am obviously just an option. Will there ever come a time when I don't have to tell myself "it's gonna be ok"? I went back to this post that I read a few years ago. The prayer. I think of my friend and fellow nurse, Michele age 48, who died this past March of colon cancer. Survived by her children, her fiancee and her parents. I dry my tears and pick the pieces up and remind myself at least I have the luxury of writing this damn post to begin with.

Waiting for baby

My grandson will be born any day now. We are all just waiting for that text or call announcing his approach (sounds like an airplane). His mom is anxiously waiting. 521 more words

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i have an allotment! I have no time, been confined to the house due to exhaustion, am drowning in clutter…all logic says I should hand it back BUT when did I ever do logic, sensible and planned?! 86 more words


Boogie Woogie

At a loss for words. Oh there are plenty of them rolling around in there, but none that will line up to make any kind of sense. 182 more words

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hard vulcanized fibre.

One of the handy things about having a day job office that is located in a mostly residential area is that I can pop into garage sales on my lunch hour (one of the not so handy things is a limited choice for lunches).   238 more words

Just Stuff.

Time Matters

Good morning Everyone!


Picking up necessary medication after work: 20 minutes.

Putting bag with necessary medication down in the house somewhere:  10 seconds. 75 more words

Working Mom