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Iustitia Sociali: Social Justice

One of the hottest topics these days has to be social justice. One of the oldest goals of humanity has been to create a just society. 1,671 more words

Religio Romana

Speaking at The Collins Institute & The Just Republic Launch

I was back in Dublin earlier this week to speak at the public launch of The Collins Institute, a new think tank set up with financial support from Fine Gael but ultimately independent of the party – a point made clear by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Institute Chair Marian Coy. 655 more words

History In The News

What do we want? Justice! How do we get it? Not so sure!

Great to see folks getting out in front of the narrative that ultimately diffused the Occupy Movement; please check out these efforts in New York and Missouri (and hopefully others to come in future posts): 207 more words


#WeCantBreathe Policy Reform 2015

It is time to move from anger to action; to emphasize compassion; to focus on healing ourselves as much as on fixing our institutions; to worry less about convincing others of a reality they do not understand and more about the mechanisms we will use to affirm our own reality, communicate that it is unacceptable, and propose a way forward. 228 more words


Non-Indictment = Moral Hazard

Recall the financial crisis of 2009. One of the major reasons that Lehman Brothers was allowed to go under was the concept of moral hazard… 228 more words


What does a Just Society look like?

Over the last week or so I’ve heard everyone from the pope on down to protestors in Ferguson, Missouri saying they want a more just society.  701 more words


Living a Liberal Faith

Each Sunday at Church, as we get settled in the pews and wait for the service to begin, I peruse the Order of Worship. I look to see who is speaking, which hymns we will sing, what classes are being offered and what supplies our homeless shelter needs. 718 more words