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I worry that America is dying

This is my father’s coffin, July 2, 2015. These are the soldiers folding the flag that covered him.

And while I watched the ceremony yesterday, I was struck that not only had my father died, … 827 more words

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Don't be afraid of my opinion, because I'm not afraid of yours

I’m fascinated by how many people are terrified to allow someone else an opinion contrary to their own.

If someone says/writes/believes something differently than we do, we’re struck with an almost primal need to purge that difference. 1,869 more words

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4 reasons to purge the phrase "I'm so busy!"

It’s the battle cry of our generation: “Oh, I am sooo busy!”

Find someone who isn’t busy. I dare you.
Everyone is.
And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a terrible line.  1,765 more words

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"Being offended" is not as admirable a trait as you may think it is

Taking offense and being insulted have elevated into national pastimes. Find any article posted online anywhere and read (if you dare) the comments. You’ll find a flurry of, “I’m so offended at . 1,626 more words

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Saathi haath badhana!

There are three types of husbands:

  1. Who know how to do all household chores and willing do it.
  2. Who don’t know and won’t do.
  3. Who don’t know but are willing to learn if you withhold sex.
  4. 689 more words
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Pre-Birthday Thoughts

My birthday is less than 48 hours away.  As I sit at my desk, twirling in my seat, I think of all of the things that have transpired in my life over the past decade.   200 more words


The Wicked Will Rise Review

Why, hello peoples.

Long time no see. Huh?



Yeah, huh.

Well. Technically I never see any of you, but. You see what I write and I… 807 more words