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That 'together' moment with roommates

“Together we can and we will make a difference!”

These words that were a patent of Suhaib Illyasi of ‘India’s Most Wanted’ fame, pop up in my head every time I hear the word together. 566 more words

Just Ranting

Human Behavior

My friend send me a text with a photo attached. I read the photo and felt pretty disgusted.

The photo was a screenshot of people, my friend included, telling this girl on Instagram that she was a huge fucking idiot and that she should kill herself. 199 more words


How a piece of paper has ruined the Super Bowl

I’ve never been a huge sports fan, but of all the major American sports, football has always been my favorite. More than 20 years ago, while dating an avid football fan, I learned enough about the game to enjoy spending Sundays parked in front of the TV rooting for my favorite teams, cheering at extraordinary plays, and holding my breath at that occasional Hail Mary that could win it all. 720 more words

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(Not so) Happy Holidays

It’s actually kind of hard to believe that 2014 is ending; this has been the longest and shortest year of my life. In less than a week it will be Christmas again and my first birthday – ever – without hearing Rachel’s voice. 903 more words

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Beware of scary food dyes this Halloween

My brother-in-law and I share an affinity for Oreo cookies, double stuf at minimum, mega stuf whenever possible. As a vegan, I have a special appreciation for America’s best selling cookie; after all, they may not be organic or free of high fructose corn syrup, but they are made from fairly minimal ingredients and have always been vegan and free of artificial colors. 473 more words

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Poor me?

Have you ever met someone that you disliked immediately? I am not referring to someone who gives off a poor first impression, I mean someone whose entire being gives you a negative, judgmental and vindictive energy? 414 more words

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Moments full of you...

So, once again I will be rambling “off topic” so to speak. But this will be a short entry I think – just a couple quick thoughts to jot down. 356 more words

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