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The first day back at work is getting me more depressed by the minute. I’m not one bit pleased to be sitting at my desk wearing work clothes instead of being out gallivanting around in t-shirts, shorts and sandals. 102 more words

Just Me

Moods of A Different Color & How It Changes

The pattern for my  Saturday mornings is I awake with a “less than desirable mood”.  I am not really sure why this is happening but the last two I have awoke… 476 more words

Freckle faced Irish beauty

Confused but excided. I write all the time but never like this. Since I can remember iv always had this desire to have people see me, you know really see me. 434 more words

Daily Thoughts

Someday, I'll be a poet too...

Since I’m following a couple of poets on WordPress, I realize that I have a long journey ahead of me in terms of writing and poetry. 33 more words

Just Me

Just Wanted to Say "Hi"

Hello everyone, I am new to this blogging and reviews world. So please go easy on me. I have a wide array of areas in which I am involved with and will be blogging/reviewing about. 38 more words


Things break, children grow, restaurants close

Today, is going to be a good day. The sky is blue. The sun is shining. The forecast is good.

And, we are going to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. 253 more words

Just Me

Kamu egois.

Sudah sering sekali aku mendengar kata itu ditujukan kepadaku. Mungkin mengacu pada fakta bahwa pola pikirku seringkali berbeda dari kebanyakan orang di sekelilingku, dan ketika aku mencoba untuk sedikit mengutarakan apa yang ada dalam pikiranku tersebut, kata itulah yang biasanya keluar sebagai respon. 122 more words

Just Me...