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Just Life

where the fuck is she?

as she awoke from her dream she was unsure of her surroundings. where the fuck was she? She wondered even after she realized her surroundings that voice pounded in her head, “where the fuck am… 394 more words


Day something or other

I have no idea what day I’m on.  Somewhere around 40, I think.  All I know is I have been staying at or below 200 cals a day.   379 more words

Just Life


I go through old letters and cards and see the love that I had for so long. I see the feeling and thought that I put in each and every one. 488 more words

Just Life

The Trouble With Teens

Some days I want to be done parenting. I want to clock out – not just for the night, but forever. Deep down, beyond the drudgery, I know I don’t mean this. 431 more words

Just Life

Slacking Off with Glee

Alright, so I haven’t been up to much since I had foot surgery since I can only walk with crutches. Last week I missed three classes because of my crutches (two because it hurt to move and one because IT SNOWED IN MARCH WHICH IS UNACCABLEABLE and I couldn’t clear off my car) and so I started binge watching shows online since I was a little stuck with writing. 389 more words