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It's a Beautiful Morning

For those of you following my progress on Facebook (which is probably none of you) I don’t post treadmill stats on a day that I walk out in the neighborhood.   180 more words

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The world in my hands

One of my favourite things about FutterBucket (you know what I mean), probably because so many of my FB friends are not from or living in New Zealand, is the exposure to their different physical, social and political environments of my friends. 560 more words

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Beautiful Day

Today is beautiful. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the warm breeze is blowing. Summer is on it’s way! I always get such bad spring fever. 392 more words

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Stalking

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It just so happens that I’m currently working on a presentation for stalking for school, so I figured I could share some knowledge with all of you. 1,277 more words

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Alex, your englishes need help. Work on your alphabeticals!— Rubie Holyoake

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Parental Consent

I’ve been dating a guy, on and off, for the last 6 years. We broke up several times, probably because we didn’t think there was a chance for marriage. 327 more words