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Meet Angie...

I love the Rolling Stone. Not nearly as much as my Elvis but they are easily my #2. I want to introduce you to my own personal weeping angel: Angie (if you understand the reference, you are cooler than most). 178 more words


Why would a flying saucer have lights?

No, really. Think about it.

I’ll get back to you in a week or so.

Just For Fun

Destroyer Of Worlds


It’s so hot. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I recall summer days of infancy. I remember laying in grass, a yellow blanket underneath my head, looking up through the leaves at the sun. 431 more words


The Purple Door

I’ve been wanting to photograph this for years.

Today was a rainy, cloudy day.

Obviously, the perfect day to venture downtown to finally start photographing this door. 12 more words


Rainy Day

The treasure of water droplets I found myself underneath when I opened the cover to the car’s sunroof, during a rainy day drive.


Just for fun

Do you know what this screenshot is from?


Because I Said I Would.

I wrote this short last night as a sort of apology to myself for skimming through the last instalment of the Dylan trilogy. I was tired, and Evie is a character I just can’t generate any enthusiasm for, but I’d put her into play so I had to do something to resolve her. 1,713 more words

Creating Characters