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The Wise, Me, Taking The Advise From My Daughter When She Was Less Then 2 Years Old.

Not my mothers ways, not my fathers ways, not my brothers ways, not any books ways or friends ways, I took my daughters advise on what she requires to be a great kid. 260 more words


It's July - The Countdown Begins!

I can’t believe the summer has flown by and it’s already July!

18 days from now my due date will be here, and I will either have a newborn baby boy, or be scheduling my induction. 111 more words

Just Because


Beauty comes from within. It’s who you are. This isn’t something you wash off your face before you go to bed, it lasts forever (If it’s true beauty that is. 371 more words

Just Because...

Know your worth, you are a treasure and deserve to be treated as such.


With your whole heart – Are you all in or all out?

I’m one of those people who does things with their whole heart. I can’t be halfway. I’m either all in or all out. It’s just how I’m wired. 373 more words


a summary and summer in the south

dear silly girl,

since so much has happened and i haven’t been on here, i’m going to give you a quick summary of how life has been for the past few months. 811 more words


Before You Die Commy Ask Yourself This.

What ultimate Hazard To Your Health were you serious in it all, even taking criminal actions, to avoid?

I believe the answer is poverty.

GMLA 5th year anniversary on July 27, 2015 of: Another day, another million or more executed adults.

Just Because