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100 Things I Know #1- Some Things Are Real

Reality, some say, is constructed.   Others claim things are there regardless of our perceptions.   It’s both.

Consider the recent Jupiter-Venus conjunction.  Our perception on recent nights is that Jupiter and Venus appear to be very close together, with Venus obviously being the brighter, and thus the larger, planet.   654 more words


Venus Jupiter Conjunction

Conjunction is a phenomena when two or more celestial body appear to be close in the sky. Here in this photo of the recent planetary conjunction of Venus(left) and Jupiter is at their closest taken July 1,2015.


Less Than One Degree Apart

On June 30, 2015 Venus and Jupiter converged in the night sky—a unique sight to see just after sunset in the Western sky. These two planets will not appear that close again until 2085. 53 more words


The Grand Celestial Meeting!? - Jupiter and Venus Conjunction

This grand meeting which was visible on the 1st July, 2015 is also timed around the official Rainy season in Mumbai. Despite this, I tried my luck at capturing the image along with many amateurs across the country. 109 more words


Bright Spots on Ceres, and Volcanoes on Venus by scishow: Dawn...

Bright Spots on Ceres, and Volcanoes on Venus

by scishow:

Dawn is spiraling in for a closer look at Ceres, and researchers have discovered the best evidence yet for active volcanoes on Venus.

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L’étoile de Bethléem a réapparu pour la première fois depuis la naissance du Christ

Le 30 juin 2015, Vénus, la planète qui tient son nom de la déesse de l’amour, et Jupiter, qui tient son nom du dieu du tonnerre, se sont croisées. 119 more words

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