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The Europa Mystery: Part 11

As I went in to cryo-sleep again, I had another dream.

The eyes I was seeing through weren’t mine.  I could tell as much.  They were the eyes of someone else. 

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Jupiter, Destroyer of Worlds

There have been in these last weeks many news discussing aspects of the biggest gas giant of the Solar System, and one of them has caught my attention. 508 more words


Do we have Jupiter to thank for Earth?

A new study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that Jupiter may just be more than the largest gas giant planet in our solar system. 202 more words

Astro 201

Let's Kickstart This! Jupiter: An Illustrated Microfiction Artbook by Gabo

By Nolan P. Smith

I am extremely excited to spotlight this time’s Kickstarter project, as it comes from one of my favorite comic book artists today. 241 more words


Szerelmem, Jupiter

Nagy szerepjátszó ő, kit halandó testben utol nem érsz,
Hiszen figyelmet nem magának kér:
Angyali küldött, üzenethozó,
Lényege nem a kép – a szó.

2015. március 23.