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Providence Encore Athlete of the Month, Jailen Langham.

Congratulations to Jailen Langham on being chosen as the March Encore Athlete of the Month for the Providence Clinic! Jailen is a junior athlete at… 55 more words

Intelligence is Structure

Was your best pupil really more intelligent than you were? Did you ever consider that it might just be his head structure/frame, which lets him solve problems so effortless and quick? 582 more words



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to junior model Eleanor and the gorgeous Jan!

We hope you’re both having a good day!



How an expert became an expert?

Experts are not born. They come through learning, exercise, trial, and most of all: opportunity. According to my observation, often young professionals do not have the chance to sharpen and polish their skills, simply because everyone wants experienced experts. 178 more words


How Were the ACTs, Lena????

So I totally meant to post about this yesterday, but I came home from testing and literally fell asleep until the next morning. I’ve been nursing one hell of a cold/flu sickness for the past few days, and the feeling of death was most certainly upon me. 758 more words



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SR model Alex!

We hope you’re celebrating in style Alex!



Junior Year 2013-2014

Now this blog entry is going to be different from my freshmen and sophomore year entries because there is really only one trimester of hair activity to talk about. 905 more words

Natural Hair