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TV shows and movies usually do a poor job of presenting dreams…

The exception would be when the dream isn’t shown, but told by the dreamer. 236 more words


Shadow Aspect

Hello. My name is Horatio White, and I have no shadow.

It began early in the year, when my shadow began to detach from me. At first I would notice a slight gap between us, just a few millimetres wide, and whenever I looked closer the gap would disappear. 1,680 more words


Serious Dancing Taking Place This Week

This has been quite a week with concentration on three major pieces of work. First up on Wednesday was the preparation for a podcast through Consciously Speaking in Santa Cruz.  526 more words


Discipline and conflicts with children – a minefield for the adults

Overhearing a snippet from a documentary on Lady Dianna, as I whisked the dust cloth over the television, I heard one of the contributors make this comment; “why do we pretend that the gap between childhood and adulthood is so big when in fact it is very tiny?”  The comment has plagued my conscious thinking today and no doubt caused a stir in the sub-conscious and shadow so aptly explained by Carl Jung. 1,117 more words


Credibility and connection: personality theory

It really infuriates me when people dismiss a topic out of hand. It often happens when I mention something I believe in that is slightly off the beaten track, and whoever I’m talking to gets the smug look on their face that precedes their making a definitive statement about a topic they know almost literally nothing about. 1,089 more words