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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Getting Hate Mail : Adrian Tomine - "Optic Nerve"

I’ve changed my views on Adrian Tomine over the years. “Optic Nerve” (his anthology of graphic short stories) first impressed me with its sensitivity; then irked me with its semi-“emo” ethos; and now saddens me with its keen depiction of what it was to a depressed hipster watching theĀ 20th century end itself in a brutal cocktail of Prozac and Valium. 595 more words


Happy birthday to Julie Doucet

It’s been awhile since I’ve paid attention to the comics scene, so long in fact, that I never finished the entire twelve issue run of Julie Doucet’s fantastic, Dirty Plotte, being that it’s erratic publishing dates span nearly a decade, starting in 1991. 124 more words


Cruel Optimism (3?): Slow Death, temporality, dreams, and Julie Doucet's My Most Secret Desire.

This is going to be rambly in the way that only notes towards possible (!) dissertation chapter content can be. Basically: the outline I wrote two years ago for this chapter is now a very nice list of stuff I am no longer interested in writing about. 252 more words

Cruel Optimism 2, Intuitionists

Okay, I think I’ve begun to concretize my way into Doucet’s text through Berlant: both are interested in the present’s ongoing condition. Huge revelation. You’re welcome. 485 more words

Cruel Optimism

Lately, I’ve been stuck in my dissertation/career writing. I’m working on finishing an article, but progress has been slow going, and I feel like I’ve been slogging away at it forever. 580 more words