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Orange Juicing Julius (Juicing Experiment)

I recently got a juicer at Value Village for $15 and so I’ve been learning to make lots of nutritious juices to incorporate in my life. 272 more words


Is Juicing The Answer To Our Diet Prayers?

Losing weight is something that many of us struggle to achieve. Whether it is the exercise that we can’t be bothered to do, the healthy food recipes that include ingredients we’ve never heard of, or the struggle to stop snacking – diets are never an easy ride. 607 more words

Feature Pieces

Beverage people...

This morning Rustin and I went to get coffee and ran into a friend of ours, he asked if we were still on the sugar free no booze kick which was actually the first time anyone has asked in a while. 626 more words

Salter Nutri Pro 1000W Nutrient Extractor

HSE guidelines encourage us to have at least 4 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, but sometimes fitting them all in can be easier said than done.   198 more words


4th of July Weekend and Juicing

There has been a lot of craze about people juicing or doing a “reboot” of their body maybe after eating kind of unhealthy for a couple of days just like this past 4th of July weekend. 559 more words


Meet Your Bikini's Newest Friend: Beyonc-Aid

Post-Fourth cookout (pig-out), we felt it appropriate to introduce you to our favorite summer vice, Beyonc-aid. The name is, of course, an ode to the Master Cleanse Diet Queen, Bey, who used this method to drop over 20lbs for Dreamgirls. 149 more words

The Nutribullet. Best. Idea. EVER!

I first purchased my Nutribullet over a year and a half ago online as it wasn’t available in stores in Ireland (at least none that I could find). 427 more words