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Juicy Juicing

When we were little innocent kids, the only juice we know are the ones in big cartons or in tetra packs with straws. Then we grew bigger to know that there are more fruit flavors other than just Orange. 518 more words

A Minty Green Detoxing Machine

I’m not necessarily big into juicing, I was for a little bit back in 2012 and it was great for fast weight loss.  However the results didn’t stick and well now I only use juicing when there is a dress I need to fit into to, or when I’m really trying to detox my system.   180 more words



This beats Tropicana any day! Not only do you get way more vitamins and nutrients from juicing than eating fruit and cooking vegetables, but I personally think it tastes so much better too. 106 more words


T͙H͙E͙ B͙E͙A͙U͙T͙Y͙ O͙F͙ C͙U͙C͙U͙M͙B͙E͙R͙

I love the crunch to a cucumber, they go great with dressings too as they are made of of mostly water they absorb flavour well. … 236 more words


To juice or not to juice?

Two weeks ago I went on a cleanse juice. I eat pretty healthy normally but I was tempted by the accessibility and popularity of this cleanse so I decided to give it a try. 374 more words


Juice Cleanse - Day 3

Today my friends is the day I was dreading. Today my juice cleanse got the better of me. As I sit here drinking my Carrot & Orange juice, all I really want to do eat chicken fingers, fries and lots and lots of gravy. 701 more words