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How Juicy!

It has been quite some time since the last post. Goals are still the same – train this body of mine to be a healthy machine! 702 more words


WTF is Spirulina?

This is my first post about a product on my blog. Until recently, I hadn’t felt inspired enough by any product to spend the time to write about it. 370 more words

day 2..... dinner time is the roughest part of the day!

​It’s after 6pm and this is the weakest time of the day for me. My body and mind scream at me telling it’s time to each some dinner! 278 more words

The Soup's Too Hot and the Coffee's Getting Cold and Other Perks of Dining Alone in Asheville

I’m sitting in the South Asheville Green Sage.  Alone.  On the cushion against the wall, the one that’s taped but at least it’s not sagging anyore. 482 more words

Smoothie for a Sweet Tooth!

As many of you know by now, I am officially addicted to my Breville ‘Blend Active’ smoothie/juice maker! Every morning, or, every other morning, I make my own smoothie for breakfast, ready to take in my bag for the busy day ahead. 201 more words



It’s Friday, and on Fridays we’re going to have a product of the week. We’re going to select one of our products every week and tell you why we love it! 533 more words


killer cravings! Day one, oh my!

Today is day one of the reboot. I’m not hungry at all, but I’m having cravings to beat the bandwagon!

Seriously, right now all I want is a french fry! 275 more words