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Yankee Doodle - Born on the 4th of July

Every child should have a pet, Pearl believed. At Easter, when cute little pink and blue dyed chicks were on sale, Pearl bought me one. I don’t think she ever expected it to grow and thrive, but Yankee Doodle qwaack, qwaaaacked his way to adulthood, growing into a plump duck.


People with Mental Illness Enhance Our Lives

A terrific visual chronicle (it’s a comic) of various celebrities. Apparently this was a novel style for the author, Darryl Cunningham, but it doesn’t show. The illustrations complement the material perfectly. 28 more words


The Classic Movie History Project, 2015: 'For Me and My Gal' as Wartime Cinema

Note: This post will contain some spoilers. Read with caution if you’ve never seen For Me and My Gal. Additionally, this post was written for The Classic Movie History Project blogathon. 1,057 more words


Judy Garland

Vintage glamour from the incomparable Judy Garland. Spectacular frock.

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Vintage Glamour

June 22nd - Dan Brown born - "Somewhere over the rainbow"

In 1962, #DanBrown author of the #DaVinciCode was born.  In 1969 #JudyGarland died.  Somewhere over the Rainbow could be said to relate to them both!  #singing;#feelgood… 340 more words

Feel Good

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

So today I saw these:

What are these, you may ask? Well THESE are the original ruby red slippers madam Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz. 330 more words



Randomization is not haphazard. Instead, a random process is a sequence of random variables describing a process whose outcomes do not follow a deterministic pattern, but follow an evolution described by probability distributions. 249 more words