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Najib’s FAQ answers what was not asked

He avoids addressing Sirul’s claim by saying that Dr M should’ve asked his Altantuya questions eight years ago.


At last, we know one thing for sure about Najib. 377 more words


Weekly round-up of events

Editors‘ note: We are pleased to announce that for ease of reference event announcements will now be publicised cumulatively in a weekly post on Friday afternoons.  880 more words


'Judiciary can make positive contribution to press freedom', says Dr Fidelis Kanyongolo

“In the defamation laws of most countries, a court will not find a person or organisation that is sued for defamation liable if he, she or it proves that the alleged defamation was true in fact.” 2,516 more words

Media Alert

Qing’An: the Disappearance of Authority and the Billion-member Grand Jury

On May 2, right in the middle of a tiny train station lounge, with dozens of bystanders watching and surveillance cameras shooting from at least three different directions, a policeman gunned down a  man in front of his 80-year-old mother and three young kids. 2,097 more words


Excerpts from "The Politics of Judicial Institutions in Singapore"

Excerpts from “The Politics of Judicial Institutions in Singapore”

by Francis Seow (1997)

Link to Article: Singapore-Window | PDF

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1. Acquittal:

1,380 more words

Society, and the Judicial System

I’ve been commenting about the decision to execute Tsarnaev for his part in the Boston Bombing case. I’ve read other comments about Charles Manson and similar ones that have to do with a different aspect of our system: correction, or punishment? 712 more words


Malaysian Bar Council initiates Campaign to Repeal POTA

May 17, 2015

From Democracy to Dictatorship: At what stage is Malaysia?

In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at  University of Edinburgh  had this to say about the fall… 689 more words