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all you see ain't always all you get

To make it through a decathlon takes supreme athletic ability. To win it takes guts and determination. To come out as a transgender woman on national television takes a kind of bravery that is breathtaking. 355 more words


Walk the Walk, but Talk the Talk: Judgment, Hypocrisy, Empathy, and Acceptance

Walk the walk, talk the talk. lt’s really a saying I heard in AA many, many years ago. So I can’t take credit for it. But it’s true and a saying that proves the meaning behind it time and time again. 1,177 more words

Would You Discredit God's Justice?

I grew up in the environment of a legalistic religion.  I have spent over half of my life living in the darkness of that environment.   God did not intend for me to live in that bondage of man – that bondage that keeps you in a place of shame and of guilt.  1,814 more words

God's Word

Homosexuality vs Homosexuals  

For starters, I am sure there would be a lot of mixed feelings about this article. However, I have to write on this topic anytime soon and today is that day. 812 more words


Feast of Saint Fidelis of Sifmaringen (24 April 2015)

Some years ago, one of our Dominican professors of sacred scripture at our seminary for the Paris province in northern France came into class one day. 455 more words

Daily Messages

God and the Daredevil: Marvel's Foray into Theology

Warning: Potential Spoilers Follow

I’m not often impressed enough with how theology or religious people are handled on television to say anything about it, but I’ve been impressed with Marvel’s  1,214 more words


Welcome to Paradise, Jannah

It is now almost to the date 7 years since the Moon was in the 7th House, and Jupiter Aligned with Mars. This was my absolutely darkest day ever, and became the beginning of Armageddon for man. 595 more words