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Why fault myself for being weak

when even Paul’s prospects were bleak?

I do not understand what I do, he said.

For what I do not want to do, 117 more words

Read this! "Stop Punishing Pregnant Teens"

Here is an article on Ebony.com regarding society views and judgment on pregnant teens.The article also touches on the rights of pregnant teens in school. It’s a good read. Check it out here!


Do We Stand in the Way of the Prodigal

I am compelled by a phenomenon that I see in modern culture. Maybe it is not a new phenomenon, but the current expression of it is new, because it is happening now. 1,322 more words


What Does "Too Church" Even Mean?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my friends lately about the new things I’ve been doing and, to be honest, I’m not happy. Going off my last post about dreading change, I’m tired of people criticizing me about this slight change I’ve recently made in my life. 1,136 more words

A Reflection On Mercy

My corner of the world is a bad place not because the people are bad, but because people don’t care. It was once said that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. 119 more words


all you see ain't always all you get

To make it through a decathlon takes supreme athletic ability. To win it takes guts and determination. To come out as a transgender woman on national television takes a kind of bravery that is breathtaking. 355 more words


Walk the Walk, but Talk the Talk: Judgment, Hypocrisy, Empathy, and Acceptance

Walk the walk, talk the talk. lt’s really a saying I heard in AA many, many years ago. So I can’t take credit for it. But it’s true and a saying that proves the meaning behind it time and time again. 1,177 more words