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10 Life Lessons I Feel Comfortable Posting in a Blog

I am 44 years old. If you were to ask me my top ten life lessons off the top of my head here is what I would probably come up with: 535 more words


Do Not Judge–Part I

In today’s world we have to make all kinds of judgments. We make decisions based upon these verdicts about the weather, about what to purchase, and even about people. 641 more words



And never worry about those who judge you based upon the opinion of others!


Wise Words

Don’t be judging of others…we all have enough going on in our lives to focus on…we shouldn’t be focusing on others. Be a friend, be supportive but no judgements.


Is it Right For a Christian to Judge?


The word Christian means “one who is like Christ.” In reality, we are all called to be duplicates of Jesus—to live our lives exactly as Jesus lived His life, completely dedicated to the Father as His servants, making Jesus known to the world. 1,832 more words

Here Come The Judge

And aren’t we all? Why bother with judging others and general gossip? I wonder if most all of us are hardwired to engage in this negative behavior. 131 more words


What is this man doing? Well, I have news for him.
I am talking to myself again.

Let me back up.
We went to a jazz concert last week. 471 more words