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Albert Woodfox: 43 Years a Slave on the Angola Prison Plantation

By David A. Love

The story of Albert Woodfox tells us all that we need to know about the horrific conditions facing prisoners in the United States, and the troubling origins of American mass incarceration rooted in slavery. 1,019 more words


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Albert Woodfox is the only of the long-suffering political prisoners known as the Angola 3 to still be incarcerated. He has been held in solitary confinement - which UN experts insist is a form of torture - for an unconscionable 43 years. Following the overturn of his conviction in a federal court in November, a Louisiana Judge ordered in June that the now-elderly Woodfox, whom evidence suggests was never guilty of the crime for which he was given a life sentence, be released immediately. The Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has no intention of following this order however. After his conviction was overturned, Woodfox was charged once again in February and has yet to be released. The conviction of one of his fellow members of the Angola 3, Robert King, was overturned in 2001. Herman Wallace, the other of the three founding members of the Angola Chapter of the Black Panther Party, was finally released on October 1, 2013 only to die three days later of advanced liver cancer on October 4.

Judge Reunites With Classmate After He Was Arrested For Burglary

(CBS Tampa) – An emotional reunion in court between a burglary suspect and judge was caught on camera on Wednesday. According to People.com, Arthur Booth, the suspect began crying as he realized the judge that was assigned to his case was none other than a childhood classmate. 171 more words


Actions and Reactions

A few months ago, I was going to office at around 9:30am, earlier than my reporting time so that I could leave from there at 6:30pm- my regular working hours being 11am-6:30pm – in order to attend a concert later on that Friday night. 1,184 more words


Former Judge Arrested, Charged After Creating Fake Sex Ads For Ex-Girlfriends

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — A former Galveston County judge has been arrested and charged with two counts of online harassment after police say he created fake online ads saying two ex-girlfriends were available for sex-for-hire. 127 more words


Petition: Remove confidentiality of judicial misconduct complaints.

Please read and consider signing this petition. Far too many complaints against judges are being ignored. There is almost no accountability for judges who make bad decisions time after time. 31 more words

WATCH: Burglary suspect weeps as judge recognizes him from middle school

A unique middle school reunion was captured on camera in an unlikely place: a courtroom in Miami.

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Mindy Glazer was presiding over a bond hearing for 49-year-old Arthur Booth, who is suspected of burglary, grand theft, fleeing and resisting arrest on Thursday. 229 more words


Jesus Blogging … Your Little Acts

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Sacrifice is needed in order to lift your brother or sister out of bondage. Do not, My children, waste time wringing your hands and looking at their disorder, thinking that that will somehow free them. 62 more words