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Have you prepared your successor?

Every good leader prepares a successor. Even Jesus prepared a successor, not for himself, but for the disciples. After Judas Iscariot betrayed him and hung himself, the Acts of the Apostles tells us Jesus’ disciples chose a “successor,” a person to take Judas’ place. 330 more words


Dorothy "Dottie" Danner is Back Directing the Rock n' Roll Opera 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

Fact: Jesus Christ Superstar was born as a concept album that toured as an arena show before the theatrical production opened in the early 1970s. 522 more words

Duluth Playhouse

"Ignorance is Bliss."

Have you experienced Cypher’s kiss, the sting of someone’s betrayal? It hurts, no question. However, if you turn the situation over to God, He can use even the worst  attack to propel you toward your destiny, making the devil wish that he… 1,227 more words




He gave you up to serve the higher good
and will not have us tell him he’s in Hell.
As any civic-minded fellow would, 46 more words


By Tosca Lee

In Jesus, Judas believes he has found the One—a miracle-worker. The promised Messiah and future king of the Jews, destined to overthrow Roman rule. 160 more words


Bible 1 Yr – Day 90 – Out come the knives.

Old Testament

There are a few interesting tidbits in today’s OT reading.

First, we see the quotation of the “shema” (pronounced sha-ma). This is the most fundamental Jewish prayer. 1,031 more words


‘You'll be remembered forever for this’

‘Christ! I know you can’t hear me But I only did what you wanted me to’

Jesus Christ Superstar’ becomes with an idea by… 225 more words

Jesus Christ Superstar