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Kudos! It had to be that way
A reminder never to faulter
Nor go back to our past mistakes
That’s our take
A token for tomorrow’s well being… 170 more words


Habemus flight!

Tuesday, 26th May. That’s the day I will set foot in Juba for the first time in my life! I will be arriving after a 7h flight to Dubai, on a two-floors plane (that’s a first!), and a night in the emirate (another first). 469 more words


Tic-tac... tic-tac...

19th May. I should be writing this entry already from Juba, but in a perfect example of “in Africa, nothing works as planned”, I’m still in Barcelona, waiting for my flight confirmation. 181 more words


Alice in the Heart of Darkness - South Sudan

Last March, before leaving Nairobi for Juba, I met with Mariano Deng Ngor, South Sudan’s ambassador to Kenya. The embassy is situated in an area called Upper Hill, which happens to be near the Nairobi Hospital, the Fairview Hotel, and the Israeli Embassy. 781 more words


'Sometimes the only way to ever find yourself is to get completely lost.' ~Kellie Elmore

Only I will know the sacrifices I am making to be in this country. It feels real only to me. It is my reality. And so it should because this is my path. 504 more words


Celebrate vaccines!

No flight dates yet, but I should be there before the 15th May!“. That’s my key answer these days.

Everybody got that it’s true I’m going to SOUTH SUDAN, and that it’s happening SOON! 406 more words