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Connection vs. Identity

As we are getting into our fourth novel of the semester, I am starting to notice a recurring theme (or pair of themes) throughout each work. 359 more words

Sound in The Portrait of the Artist

In class we have discussed quite often the importance of sense impressions and how they influence our experience with any given novel, and I think that Joyce in particular is a prime example of of this.  307 more words

Telophane Tripod

Adrift, askance

Slid sideways down my stance

Buttered buckles breaking early

To founder the truckles,

Reaching outward at an undearthly light

Lisping writhely catching onto the flight, 12 more words


Speaking from EXPERIENCE

It is only when you KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus Christ that you can talk from experience. Most religious people speak things that they do not know nor understand, they have just heard it or read it. 215 more words

Unpicking The Formulaic: Why Linguistic Individualism Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been taught that there are some things you can’t say, some styles that don’t work in all but the most specific context. 387 more words


Blog #4. Joyce. Due Saturday, February 28.


For this week’s blog on Joyce’s Dubliners, please respond to the following topic. As always, cite the text, write early and often, write… 100 more words

A Ballad to Purchase or The Love Song of T.S. Joyce

Unreal City,

In houses large and desolate,

Glowing Yellow lights.

I see you,

And a drowned man in your bathtub,

The winedark sea,

The snotgreen sea. 106 more words

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