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Finally, A WordPress Site for Photographers

Before committing myself to photography and video production full-time, I spent the better part of ten years in web design and development. While working in that arena, I discovered rich world of open source technology and WordPress. 1,170 more words

Technique & Tutorials

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Nice piece, especially for any photographer that wants to combine their work with Wordpress

Buenos Aires Tourist Mugged at Gunpoint, Live on Camera

Despite reassurances from the Argentine government, both crime and inflation are spiralling upwards out of control.

Argentina’s Security Minister, Sergio Berni, has responded to the increase in crime by pulling the national police force out of Buenos Aires – not a shrewd move if you want to decrease crime, increase tourism and help your party win the 2015 presidential election. 132 more words


Coming to Argentina for a Visit? Get Shot!

Every year thousands of Americans visit Argentina. Tango, empanadas and Evita are on the “must-do” list of many. A few though will encounter something they don’t want to run into. 650 more words


Behind the Story: What is that Smell in Argentina?

The other day, I wrote a piece for GuardianLV called “What is that Smell in Argentina?” Briefly it was about the rising tension in Argentina due to President Kirchner’s bungling of the economy and the corrupt nature of her administration. 155 more words


Here's a phone, go be a reporter

It sounds ridiculous, and it is.

Far too many news organizations — most notably newspapers — have tossed smartphones to trained journalists, and expected them to assume new responsibilities, and immediately deliver the same quality content they did on traditional gear. 314 more words

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If you hear of an editor doing this, having a pro work with amateur tools, let me know. I'd like to kick his ass.