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We are fully licensed now and boy has it been busy. We had a two year-old girl for a few days that ultimately ended up with relatives…a very blessed happy ending. 111 more words

Foster Dad

What Does It Take? Confidence; It's All Confidence

Do you think I love you? If I spoke nothing, could you tell from how I act? Without words to run over you, would my warm soul be enough to keep you out of the cold? 761 more words


4.2.15 276 miles before the Big Day!

276 miles (days) before the Big Day!

Now I got myself into another challenge. Again, you can keep  following me, but I do not want you to miss out. 61 more words

Showing The Glory Of God Thru The Visual Arts

Changing of the seasons

So my friend just got engaged. She’s the same age as me, 24, and the first of our year at church to get engaged.

It’s kind of blowing my mind at the moment, because here we all are, really on the cusp of adulthood, about the start the next chapter of our lives. 699 more words

Life in El Dorado Hills

In a modern upper middle class subdivision community like El Dorado Hills it is difficult to observe, like Thoreau did, the macrocosm in the microcosm, the larger in the smaller, the world in a blade of grass, society in the clash of competing ant colonies. 487 more words


Join the Journey to South Africa

Stroll through one of the world’s most colorful neighborhoods on our way to a traditional Cape Malay meal with a local family in the historic Bo-Kaap.  173 more words


Rainy Tuesday

It is officially April. Winter is on its way. Fortunately, all that means is rain. Soon, spring showers will wash away the snow in Canada while winter rains plague the streets of Newcastle. 486 more words