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postcard from devlok

“what you seek is closer than you imagine.
just remember that you are, and be.
stabilize in that space.
you are what you seek.”

Osho Mystery School

The Tank

A week ago today I spent an hour and a half in a sensory deprivation tank. It was at a wellness center and had the more modern name of “flotation therapy” but it was sensory deprivation. 740 more words


Belief is a cobblestone path

Belief is a cobblestone path
pocked and winding, with many stones missing
but still headed toward the center

© Meisaan Chan



All the things in life we try to get
All the goals that we haven’t met
I’m sorry for not meeting your expectations yet
So pardon me as I drive off into the sunset… 328 more words

Mind Matter

How To Get Even

I’m writing this as an inexperienced person in the art of getting even. I must confess that I have never consciously gotten even with anyone for anything. 1,030 more words


Android Lollipop Pt. 1 By Brian Lovin

Google’s upcoming android lollipop ethernet is now official and the update would begin rolling out for other devices as early as December or early 2015. In Europe where NFC payment terminals are available, and my credit card, debit card and stand alone wrist band all allow NFC payment, I am constantly frustrated that my NFC-ready Nexus 4 cannot be enabled as I’m not in the USA. 637 more words

Android Lollipop

Hidden quicksand, let me dive right in

I find it’s very easy to get stuck, but much harder the other way around. That isn’t to say we shouldn’t take responsibility for our circumstance, merely the way things are arranged seem to encourage us to fail on some level. 522 more words