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Arthritis Unravelled

Arthritis Unravelled was a website I made for my “multimedia project” module in the final year of my degree.

As an assessment of my multimedia skills, this project required me to include videos, sounds clips, hyperlinks, polls and maps, facebook buttons and twitter feeds and written stories. 12 more words

Joseph Kedwell

Career Advice from Vogue

The Vogue Festival is insane.

An absolutely, incredibly amazing experience, insane. You could be standing in line to buy a superfood salad, whilst chatting to one of Vogue’s contributing editors (true story). 598 more words


Massoud Barzani’s Controversial Presidency

(Massoud Barzani)

President Barzani’s two terms in office ended in 2013, although he has managed to cling on for two more years after striking a shady deal, exploiting a loophole in the system, with his so-called strategic partner, the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan). 1,533 more words


Hello World!

Since University is coming to an end and I’ve got more time on my hands, I’ve decided to continue my love for writing through creating my own personal blog; and its about time since I have been saying I would get started at the beginning of Uni…typical lazy student eh? 61 more words


Asiri Fashion - My Favourite Key Looks From Their Collections

It’s coming up to that time of the year where I am completely lost on what to wear! Thankfully I have had the opportunity to work with the new and exciting fashion brand Asiri Fashion, they have come to my rescue and I think they may be able to help all girls in a fashion dilemma. 555 more words


The Kinds of Writing

The best kind of writing usually begins with inspiration.

Now I say “usually” because there are many men and women who actually write for a living, who cannot wait for the sudden strike of  473 more words


Video No-No, Example of Bad Video Techniques

India’s Black Market For Blood from Storyhunter on Vimeo.

Not all multimedia stories use video in the best way. It can sometimes be difficult to balance all the visual storytelling elements in one piece, and this video above is a testament to that. 273 more words