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Learn to Storify


Storify incorporates different forms of social media into one ‘story.’ I use hashtags and posts from all social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ to create a story. 168 more words

Media Roundup

By Christopher B. Daly

–I am so proud of my old newspaper, The Washington Post. The paper has recently been rendering a major public service: a… 312 more words


Sometimes the News is the News [Just Because We Hear About It Doesn't Mean It Isn't True]

It’s been a big week or two. Like 1960s level big,  particularly in the context of all other social-political issues going on in America. On the one hand the supreme court finally stepped in and cleared up the matter for the divisive states by making gay marriage legal in all 50 states. 858 more words


The Pursuit of Happiness....in words

When I was in college, I remember wanting to be that kid in Almost Famous.

I wanted to write for Rolling Stone Magazine and interview all the musicians, hoping to delve into their lives in a personal way. 432 more words


The Funday Times – Two weeks inside the News Machine (pt.1)

Disclaimer: The following hyperbole and speculation may or may not accurately represent my experience as a hapless intern at the Sunday Times.

At around 10am… 2,235 more words


ADHD, Getting to Know Yourself: In ACTION versus in THEORY

I just transferred over to WordPress a piece I’ve written for/on Sondry. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s a neat little writing platform created by a group of students recently graduated from the University of Washington. 1,234 more words


Passion for Fashion, Passion for Writing

As an English Literature student and aspiring journalist, I blog for personal satisfaction. I love the idea of writing about what I love and what interests me, and the most pleasing gift of blogging is that people genuinely enjoy reading what I write. 69 more words