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You Don’t Need to be an Extrovert to be a Good Journalist

I have never been an extrovert. For a period I managed to function as an ambivert: able to take on the spotlight in key moments. I played a lead role in the school musical, I was school captain, I entered the marketing profession and became an account manager which required constant interaction with clients. 568 more words


Writing practice

At RMIT, our lecturers and tutors try to prepare us as much as possible to be career-ready. As a consequence, we do a lot of writing practice in class, and are encouraged to post our work on our blogs.  497 more words


Bias, bias everywhere, and not a drop of good old-fashioned patriotic American red-blooded conservative coverage of Obamacare

By Matthew E. Milliken
March 26, 2015

With the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, taking place on Monday, the media have been packed with assessments of the law.  467 more words


The Megaphone Project: Letting small voices be heard

by Cheyenne Meyer:

With the goal of “letting small voices be heard”, a group of Texas State University undergraduate students has teamed up with SJMC lecturer… 689 more words


So you want to be a columnist?

I attended a Guardian newspaper Masterclass last weekend and got to listen to an impressive line-up of some the newspaper’s best known columnists. Most participants I spoke to didn’t necessarily aim to become famous writers, although the speakers appeared to assume so.  795 more words


Reflection: Assignment One

My roles in Assignment One: I filmed most of the footage- all of the interview footage, and several extra shots. I also did a lot of editing. 481 more words