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[1: 1,402 of 10,000] How To Forget?

I have fallen in love to a wrong man but finally I don’t have to speak to him by obligation and yet I missed him despite the fact that I am just torturing myself. 217 more words


New Account

Unfortunately one part of letting go of drama is to delete this blog. The whole reason I created it was to feel like I had a secret life. 78 more words


Diary #16


Every time I get some money I spend it all.. Money goes to phone bill, housing, food, tuition, necessities, but also all the stuff I want.  6 more words


Should I, or Not?

Change the name of this blog again. I have no theme. There is a serious dearth of bike blogs on wordpress. Seriously, I have to go now.


February, 28th, 2015

Feeling much better today…my body still weak. No more aggressive thoughts over my mind, apart from few. I continued my story about my life (facts, events) on my Romanian blog and I shall continue. 221 more words