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Paper Clay Pots!

My first attempt at Paper Clay Pots! Have tested out pressed out and slabed coiled. The earlier pots are scruffy but have thier own character – it may be that these items come out more interesting than the pot made the ‘proper’ way – we’ll see. 88 more words

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Laser Cut Dolls House

Finally had my dolls house cut. A few issues with the laser settings listed below. We had to go over the wood (6mm) twice so next time would need to adjust the settings. 42 more words

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Thoughts on Art and Design

I have been pondering the difference between Art and Design, or an Artist and a Designer. It has been troubling me a little as I’m not sure I feel happy committing to either label. 289 more words

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Eden4 - Artist Lab

I am currently a part of an all female collective called Eden4, we recently received funding from O2 Think Big to host workshops and a studio show. 180 more words

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Laser Project Initial Ideas

After reading the brief I came up with some initial ideas for a game or puzzle: 147 more words

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25 Cliches on Color To Use As Journal Writing Prompts/Ideas


black as coal

black as night

black as pitch

black as sin

black as soot

black as tar

blue as the sky


coal black… 40 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

100 Journal Prompts

1.  Nobody knows that I…..

2.  If you had 24 hours left  to live, what would you do?

3.  What are the top 3 items on your bucket list? 549 more words