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It took complete obliteration of my heart, a series of shakes to the soul, and a crow bar to the locked doors of my mind to reopen my life to happiness. 192 more words

Thoughts & Ideas

the block

I was spilling my guts to a friend over drinks; I think I should just stop drinking entirely.  But in the process of relating my unusual life and its concomittant angst in a crowded room, I realized something.  488 more words

General Stuff

this is not a poem

You are not my poem
You are not the words on the page
For years I have made people into two dimensional bodies
And compared them to inanimate objects so that they are less intimidating, 21 more words

Original Work

Evening reminders

Today I have felt much like the British weather, unpredictable and prone to change- erratic to say the least. Simply put, I have been fed up, so much so that grace escaped my thoughts. 323 more words


Breathe on these tired bones

Breathe on these tired bones
And call me a name that I love,
A name that is familiar.
You don’t owe me anything,
But please, 9 more words

Original Work

Hypocrisy & Sin (Part 2)

It is good to be reminded that the darkness has truly been defeated!
The battles we fight as believers now are but echoes of what is left of a war whose victory has already been decided upon Calvary’s hill- two thousand years ago! 341 more words


Hypocrisy & Sin (Part 1)

This week has surely been a lesson on hypocrisy.
I feel that the Lord has been pressing this issue upon me recently. Walls have been torn down as false pretenses have been stripped of their colourful robes, revealing myself as being totally defenseless and naked. 285 more words