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April 18, 1917 Zeppelins of Canoe Lake

April 18,1917

I am the artist. Shannon is the dreamer. Or maybe the schemer. We’ve been reading a lot about the Zeppelin raids in the papers. 698 more words

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Every time....

Every time I think “Oh I’m going to diet and eat right and get everything together” life looks at me and laughs. It’s like a gigantic cosmic joke. 220 more words


What's Right With You Today?

Slept in (kinda) till 8am, planted some flowers, remembered how to compromise, successfully negotiated a line cancellation and found a good gf beer.

What’s right with YOU today?

Inner Dialogue


Today marks day 3 of The Daily Journal Project. 169 more words

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Final days of Whole30 (I didn't even cheat or kill anyone)

Day 28: I’ve been waking up earlier than my normal (which was not normal until it happened so often that I was like ‘what the heck?’ and then continued to sleep in). 832 more words

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I Miss My Friends

I am approaching two weeks without any voices. It sounds really weird to say, but I kind of miss them. The were such a part of my life for so long that it almost feels like I have lost a part of me. 38 more words

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April 17, 1917 Ugly Shores

April 17, 1917

The shores of Canoe Lake can look pretty ugly. Especially in front of Mowat Lodge. It’s part to blame with the rise in the lake levels. 686 more words

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