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Beware shitty drivers.

So, I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day. All you drivers out there who don’t realize that ‘The Fast and the Furious’ is a work of fiction so you try playing chicken on the roads and doing other various stupid and inconsiderate shit, on the same roads where our children and other loved ones get to and from work and school every day – … 469 more words

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Please Join Me - Invitation to My Spring Exhibition May 24, 1917

May 22 1917

You are invited to attend my Spring Exhibition to be held on the Victoria Day Holiday at Mowat Lodge on May 24, 1917 (two days from today). 136 more words

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May 21, 1917 After the Storm

May 21, 1917 After the Storm

We woke up wet. Soaking wet. It rained all night and despite my best efforts to set up the tents so there were no leaks, the rain came in. 995 more words

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Xenoblade Chronicles: How I got into this game

         Xenoblade Chronicles. This game came out in America back in 2011 because of a campaign to get Xenoblade and two other games; The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower to America. 208 more words

Memories, Delusions & Dreams (Istanbul Blues Edition)

“Feeling torn”, “sad but glad”, “up & down”.. Opposite polars. One of the things that makes me quite tired is that I continuously experience these opposite feelings at the same time. 988 more words



This morning, whilst stirring in a vapor between slumber and awareness, I heard an opus I thought had all but been replaced by the errant ill-behavior of mother nature for this time of year. 140 more words

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