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May 3, 1917 Florence Arrives

May 3, 1917

Florence arrived on the train this afternoon. She’s spending a few days here at Mowat Lodge and then continuing on to Ottawa to stay with relatives. 228 more words

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That's the plan...

The Editor of LA YOGA Magazine encouraged me to sign up and attend a speed mentoring event today in Studio City. I am incredibly thankful she did. 422 more words

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Warning: rebeccanne's life is under construction

Spending this lazy Sunday with some me time.

My life is changing.  I’m switching it up.  TIme to revamp this space of mine.  My brain is scattered with different thoughts, ideas, and feelings.   36 more words

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May's Writing Challenge: Day 3 (Journal Entry: July 17th, 2083 BC)

Today’s post for my writing challenge is just going to be this. It’s something I had on my list of prompts to write, but I realized I could easily fit it into the journal series as it was something I had planned on writing anyway. 472 more words

Between Love And Death


I’m going through another random and intense spurt of interest, mainly because my favorite thing to do is learn. My favorite thing to learn about is my own self. 596 more words


Land Mines

I felt like part of the world yesterday. Getting up, getting on a train to Back Bay, having brunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple months, ambling around Harvard Square without any “hurry” or “busy-ness” attached to it. 531 more words


May 2, 1917 Brook Trout

May 2, 1917

Brook trout are God’s best fish. Anglers have a saying that after God practiced on other fish he made brook trout. I caught three today – two four-pounders and a fiver. 295 more words

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