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I feel safe in the mountians. Not exposed like in the prairies; where you can see the weather for miles all around. Cloistered. Protected. Surrounded. By Mountains. 257 more words

Spirit Teaching

The Non-Curated Path of Holy Week

This is my contribution for today to Living Faith Lent.  I figured that since the season is about over, I won’t be depriving them of any sales by reprinting this. 207 more words

Amy Welborn

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Really Trying To Trust God

So, recently I learned that I didn’t get into a particular graduate school program. At first I was sad and still mourning the loss of how I thought I’d spend the upcoming year. 621 more words

Journal Entries


Like any addiction quitting mine has been a turbulent and lengthy journey. About a month ago, I was in a church on sunday morning. I very distinctly heard God telling me that it was time to drop my burdens and let go of my addiction. 108 more words

Journal Entries

Journal Entry 03.30.15

Journal Entry 03.30.15

The energies have been challenging for me the last couple of days, in fact, all last week.  I felt like I was dragging myself to work. 377 more words

Writings By Eliza

I Desire Body Awareness

Many signs and messages around me have led me to believe that strengthening the relationship with my body, or body awareness, is the next step on my spiritual journey. 893 more words

Journal Entries

Catching Up

Hey… it’s been a while. I keep saying that I will be posting more and life just KEEPS getting in the way. I don’t normally have anything to write about because Im always so exhausted by the time I get a chance to sit down. 609 more words

Journal Entries