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My Foot of the Cross

As I sit here listening to the sounds of the prairie, the birds sweetly singing, crickets beginning their evening sonnet, cattle lowing and bugling, Berlios (our sweet tomcat) purring and meowing, the thought finally comes to me that all are doing so to the glory of their Creator, the composer of their songs, sounds, and pleas. 1,190 more words


A Daily Dose of Creepy

I meet creepy men everyday. At the bus stop. In the work place. On the highway. Creepy men with no atom of self-control, who see beautiful women and act like dogs. 418 more words


Day 8: A True Struggle

I haven’t been posting as of late on my blog, which is a shame because I was really excited to start a blog again. The people who have liked and followed me have shown me some of the best support I could ever get online, so thank you. 570 more words


The Origins of Mandatory Private Confession in the Catholic Church

In the “Stats” for this blog, I can review the search strings typed into engines like Google or Bing that bring visitors here. One such search string recently caught my eye, which surprised me because I’ve never written about the topic before: 1,613 more words


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Class Play

Our class play is a donation for girls to go to school. By that I meant all the donations/money we get we will donate for that reason. 55 more words

Journal Entries

Class Play

In our class play we would be doing Pinocchio for the primary classes. We will be preparing for our class play next month. When we do it next month we will have food and drinks for the little kids we will sell them for 2 dollars for a combo and 1 dollar for separate .The play is free and there will be freezes candies water for the combo and freezes for 1 dollar and water is free and candies 50 cents. 98 more words

Journal Entries

   Social safety nets save lives everyday by helping the people in need . For example poor, diseased, illness, and many more people just like that. You can help save lives by giving donations to social safety nets for example UNICEF, big brother, foster homes, food drive ,and many more. 15 more words

Journal Entries