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monday, may 4th, 2015

I just saw the most amazing play yesterday.

It was called Colossal, and it was an amazing play full of love and loss and family and desire. 193 more words

Journal Entries


Dubai is one of the countries that has never had any crime. Dubai’s crime rate is very low because Dubai has very strict laws. If someone catches you stealing something they will cut your hand off. 81 more words

Journal Entries

The Rain

I LOVE the rain, but sometimes i miss the su…


I love the rain.

(coming back)

Journal Entries

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 194 I So it begins

Weigh in day was yesterday. Let’s see how I did.

Weight Loss this week: 1.6 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 48.2 lbs

Hey that’s pretty darn good. 156 more words


Displacing callings

Have you ever had a situation where you became mad at a person, if not irate, because you believed they needed to respond to something in a particular way, when in fact it was you that needed to take that step, and trust God? 528 more words


More questions on gender and the gospel

I have been reflecting a lot about gender in relation to the gospel lately, and there is much greater room for discussion than I initially realized. 495 more words


May's Writing Challenge: Day 3 (Journal Entry: July 17th, 2083 BC)

Today’s post for my writing challenge is just going to be this. It’s something I had on my list of prompts to write, but I realized I could easily fit it into the journal series as it was something I had planned on writing anyway. 472 more words

Between Love And Death