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My Journal March 05, 2015 - New Directions

Log Entry Earth Time March 05, 2015, 08:16.35 pm CEST

It is some time now, that I wrote my last journal entry. Much has happened since then. 882 more words

Isabel Henn

week 1, day 1!

Well a lot has happened in the past two weeks, so much so that i was posit’ noting my life just to keep track of things! 634 more words


Day 318 - Wednesday 4th March


  1. Where did I go? Home, gym, dietitian, Tesco
  2. Did those places make it harder to keep on track? Tesco did – bought cookies that I didn’t want or need…
  3. 232 more words

And down the hill we go

As predicted, I’m not doing too well. I spoke to my boss this morning, and he once again made it sound like my contract would not be renewed (despite the things that were said to the contrary a couple of weeks ago). 191 more words


Sleep please!!

Writing this in hope of falling asleep.

Gosh I’ve been trying to sleep since 7:30pm tonight and it’s 11:50 already, I’m still awake 😭😭

After sleeping real late (3-4am) for the past two nights, I could feel my body getting weaker again. 132 more words


Day 18: I Cheated

He gave our exam paper  then said to pass it at the faculty room when we’re done. The exam is hard. Hard hard, got that? Not that I’m saying that it can be used as an excuse because it’s not. 16 more words


03-05-2015 Journal–My Blogging Manifesto!

I spend an hour or so every other morning sitting in this bed and writing about my life and my interactions with the rest of the human race.  Sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes not so much.  There are times when finding subject matter becomes an issue.  It’s not a problem finding things to write about it’s deciding what things shouldn’t be written about that is my main problem.  … 577 more words

Just Saying Again