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put it down

Why do some people constantly feel the need to put others down in order to make themselves feel better?

This is a question I regularly ask myself, particularly when I’m at school or at parties/events involving other people around my age. 228 more words


May 6th

Did yesterday’s word make you think? Here is your little phrase for today:


Hopefully this will give you some food for thought.

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Working out my stress...

It’s not as though I have had enough stress in my life for what, twelve years or more, that I had to go out and find more stress to pile on top of all the other stress I’ve had, especially for those who have kept up with my blog over the past year or so surely know the stress of I’ve been under. 2,938 more words


26. tolerance

I wonder how much I can endure until I break




break away from this


"Does half of you like rice?"

I stared at my dress in it’s makeshift dress bag (errr– a white garbage bag) hanging in front of me on the bus and kept reminding myself not to leave it. 1,400 more words


Dear Journal: Running Into You

Dear Journal,

I often run into people I don’t expect to run into, or in places I don’t expect to see them, and that’s okay, but it also means I have to shift my mindset, that I have to access those memories in which those people reside. 306 more words


Ex-Pat Potential: How I Got To This Point

My legs are begging to walk me back across the beaches and tiny island roads of the Virgin Islands. I went there as a teenager, 6 years ago and I have not been able to shake the memory, or the ever-growing desire I have to return, and live. 637 more words

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