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FashionSkribo apresenta... “Escobar: Paradise Lost”

Ao fim de algumas semaninhas, hoje trago-vos mais uma sugestão cinematográfica. E ao contrário do que é a norma, a sugestão de hoje é publicada num dia bastante random. 374 more words


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1   ★★★☆☆   dir. Francis Lawrence

She’s scared and angry but Jennifer Lawrence fights on as reluctant warrior Katniss in this third, darker episode of the spectacular sci-fi series. 219 more words


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with J Law

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  ★☆   dir. Francis Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence once again suffers the slings, swords and arrows of outrageous fortune in this excellent sequel to 2011’s sci-fi blockbuster. 316 more words


Detention - 2011

Director, Joseph Kahn

So the first film I decide to review for my blog is probably one of the hardest to define movies I’ve come across. 889 more words

Movie Review

Θα γινόταν ο Josh Hutcherson ένας καλός Spider-Man;

Τώρα που έχει αρχίσει η συζήτηση γύρω από το ποιός θα αντικαταστήσει τον Andrew Garfield στον ρόλο του Spider-Man, ο Josh Hutcherson απαντώντας σε ερώτηση δημοσιογράφου αποκάλυψε πως, αν και ακόμα δεν του έχει γίνει καμία πρόταση, θα τον ενδιέφερε πολύ ο ρόλος, με τον όποιο μάλιστα έχει και κάποιο παρελθόν, καθώς το 2010  – … 12 more words


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 - Movie Review

The tone has changed in this third installment of the Hunger Games series. With less actual action scenes it manages to keep you on edge more than the two previous movies together with Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Katniss’ and Donald Sutherland’s ‘President Snow’ stealing the show. 104 more words