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Emily Dickinson - Water Makes Many Beds 1428

Water makes many Beds
For those averse to sleep —
Its awful chamber open stands —
Its Curtains blandly sweep —
Abhorrent is the Rest… 12 more words

Read-in-Progress: William T. Vollmann, Europe Central

While I admire sprawling, convention-defying novels, I don’t necessarily think they’re goodEurope Central isn’t necessarily good.

I probably should have guessed that Vollmann was a… 119 more words


Lookout Cartridge - Joseph McElroy (Prose #9)

My knowledge of operations seemed to go unquestioned; it was my knowledge of policy that seemed dubious to me and others. There comes a point at which one wants to compute no more of these facts. 168 more words

every downer you’ve endured

But she had had this new vista in her anyway; but he got her started on the way home by quoting the philosopher who asked what would you do if you found you were going to repeat your life from start to finish, every fuck-up, with every pain, every downer you’ve endured already, what would you do?

Joseph McElroy, Women and Men


men in bed forget

The message of these slides paired side by side so it looks like two screens, is that—in this hotbed of biology and cure (the auditorium of a hospital)—see for yourself, sisters, the hard-on you’re getting right now proves it, look at the penis then look at the clit, trace your vagina and that scrotum is it, these are the same organs, ladies, which is why you knew you had balls and why men in business and men in bed forget they evolved from Our life.

Joseph McElroy, Women and Men


April Book Reviews (Roundup)

Again it’s been a bit of a slow month on the reading front, had some personal stuff going on that distracted and I’ve also been writing my own shit, something that doesn’t always gel well with reading a bunch of books. 199 more words

Women and Men

Have you read Women and Men by Joseph McElroy? I have tried twice, the second time was a buddy read that should have given me the encouragement and the discussion I needed to make it through all 1192 oversized and densely printed pages. 452 more words