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Redecorating the inside of my closet

Man, talk about an entire bedroom closet overhaul yesterday! I’d been clearing out space in my closet (not a bookcase unfortunately, a closet for clothing), because I used to keep my books stacked up in the hanging section. 145 more words


Soul Sisters

I met a young girl yesterday and she told me that her favorite thing to do was read.  I told her that the best job in the world would be one in which I got to sit in a big chair and read all day.   247 more words

The work in progress of Guides to Elsewhere: 4/City of the Immortals

The Immortal is a short story written by Jorge Luis Borges and included in a collection, The Aleph, published in 1949; it tells the autobiographical tale of a roman soldier, Marcus Flaminius Rufus, and his quest for a river that gives immortality. 435 more words

Book Art

Apuntes para una soñar[me] una autobiografía. 1: "El Etnógrafo" de Jorge Luis Borges

El caso me lo refirieron en Texas, pero había acontecido en otro estado. Cuenta con un solo protagonista, salvo que en toda historia los protagonistas son miles, visibles e invisibles, vivos y muertos. 633 more words

Historias Personales

Borges on Writing and Blindness

I had always imagined Paradise as a kind of library.

I too, if I may mention myself, have always known that my destiny was, above all, a literary destiny — that bad things and some good things would happen to me, but that, in the long run, all of it would be converted into words.

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Borges and I - Jorge Luis Borges

Borges and I
by Jorge Luis Borges

“Borges and I” is technically a short, narrative poem, rather than a short story, but it is often included in short story anthologies, so I’ve added it here. 267 more words

"It isn't that simple..."

Note: This post is the fourteenth installment in my author’s commentary for Eternal Empire, covering Chapter 15. You can read the previous installments here… 1,005 more words