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PHP CMS Comparison: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Concrete5

WordPress – https://wordpress.org/      Drupal – http://www.drupal.org.uk/

Joomla – http://www.joomla.org/           Concrete5 – http://www.concrete5.org/

When it comes to choosing which CMS software to use for powering your new website there is a lot of choice; what you choose will depend on exactly what you intend to use your website for and perhaps your budget. 894 more words


What is Joomla

Joomla! is a CMS(Content Management System) that gives you a chance to…

…make and overhaul website pages effortlessly.

As a streamlined clarification, think about a Joomla! 86 more words


Joomla Real Estate

Wow so finished a site I was doing, I just find Joomla so clean and with fewer integration issues than “some” CMS, but i made a really stupid mistake i bought a extension then bought a template meant to be used with the extension only to find that the extension was offered within the template free of charge, feeling so dumb and wasteful that’s my 36.99 $ i will never see again. 68 more words


Penjelasan CMS

Apa itu CMS ?

CMS a.k.a Content management System mengandung arti yang sangat luas. CMS mengandung kata Content (isi) dan Management yang artinya pengelolaan terhadap isi, seperti menambah, merubah dan menghapus serta management lainnya seperti pengaturan siapa yang boleh melakukan ini itu dan siapa yang tidak (hak users). 370 more words



Hallo allemaal, ik ga vandaag wat vertellen over Joomla.

Joomla is benoemd tot een van de beste content management systemen (CMS), die de mogelijkheid geeft om verschillende app’s ( applicaties) te bouwen na keus.Joomla wordt voornamelijk gebruikt voorbijvoorbeeld zakelijke websites, portals zakelijke intranets en extranets, online tijdschriften en nieuws portalen,online winkels en reserverings systemen, overheidsapplicaties MKB business, websites Non-profit, organisatie website en nog veel meer… 47 more words


Fugenx Technologies: Website Designing & Development

The worldwide promotion of products and services promotion has been greatly eased through the availability of the online platforms that allow website development. At Fugenx Technologies… 287 more words

FuGenx Technologies Mobile App Development

How to embed Youtube video in Joomla / Webdesign

Let’s say that you want to embed the song Going To Hell by The Pretty Reckless from youtube to your Joomla! site. Or any other video from Youtube you want, but for now this is the example.  42 more words