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Apple's newest innovation

Have you ever found yourself on a group text in the middle of a conversation from which you cannot escape?

You try and carry on about your business – seeing a movie, at work, enjoying dinner – but the texts just keep coming and you can’t stop them. 60 more words

Jon Friesch

Revelation or articulation

Often I have what I think are revelations. But when you tell someone you have a revelation, they think you’ve experienced a new idea or noticed something you hadn’t before thought about. 120 more words

Jon Friesch

Critical thinking

There’s simply nothing you should just accept at face value. You should always do your own homework.

Critical thinkers rarely take something they read or hear as fact. 243 more words

Jon Friesch

Being great (and the fame that goes with it)

Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee, is going to be at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con.

Seeing or meeting celebrities, or well-known figures, has never really been that exciting to me. 412 more words

Jon Friesch

What else can an escalator do?

To get to my office, I have to ride an escalator every day to the third floor, which is the main lobby.

Today, there was a sign on the descending escalator: 148 more words

Jon Friesch

All of us are dumber than one of us

It doesn’t sound right, at first.

But when you think about it… (alone, I mean…)

Jon Friesch

Declining standards or adaptation?

Today, I was having a discussion with a copywriter about the difference between “all right” and “alright.”

The correct usage and spelling is “all right.” 222 more words

Jon Friesch