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The lasting impression of Cathy Tuttrup

I was watching my daughter play cello at a concert last week. It would seem she’s first chair, which means that they put her closest to the front so her playing stands up against other cello players who may not be quite as good. 130 more words

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The lost art of critical thinking: WMDs

Amazing just how often the media and protestors complained that one of the justifications for going to war with Iraq – their development of chemical and nuclear weapons – was a lie. 580 more words

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In honor of the teacher’s strikes happening around the State of Washington, I thought I’d post this chapter from my book:

Out of any destruction comes some good. 1,246 more words

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When you're a Friesch...

In third grade, our teacher had a competition to see who could come up with the longest list of ingredients found in foods around the house. 344 more words

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Sweet irony: teachers strike and miss teacher appreciation day

Today, our Shoreline School District teachers are striking to show their disapproval with the state not allocating all of the education funding.

On April 30, our super intendent, wrote to the parents to inform them of the May 11th strike. 305 more words

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Improving the exit row experience

We recently flew to Iceland, and my wife asked me, “Why are people in the exit row allowed to drink if it’s so important that they know how to and are able to work the door?” 79 more words

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