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Flix: Jon Favreau's 'Chef' is an interesting satire on millennial culture

Flix is a weekly series that reviews a movie available on Netflix. This week, I review the 2014 film ‘Chef.’

In our modern media-saturated society, it seems that everything can be sensationalized; it’s gotten to such a point, that most of us have become oblivious to the inexorable influence the internet has on our lives. 549 more words

Chef: My Very Favorite Cooking/Food Movie! OK! Maybe an Overall Favorite Movie!!!

OK, I’ll admit it! I’m so in love with food and cooking that I even enjoy watching TV shows and movies about cooking. I have become somewhat obsessed with one movie in particular, Chef. 275 more words


Deep Impact (1998)

I haven’t seen Deep Impact since it hit home video back in the late nineties. I’ve always referred to it as “the other film” due to it’s being released shortly before Bruce Willis launched a crew of would be saviors into the atmosphere in Armageddon. 614 more words

Daily Take

Review of Chef

Hi readers,

recently I had the pleasure of watching Jon Favreau’s Chef. Favreau directed the movie, and stars as fine chef Carl Casper who becomes dissatisfied with his life and decides to drive a food truck. 136 more words


Filmmakers Take Advantage of Monaco's No-Fee Production

Monaco has ranked as a desirable shooting location for international productions ever since Alfred Hitchock lensed “To Catch a Thief” there in 1954.

Despite lacking a tax shelter, in the past two decades Monaco has hosted such films as Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s Twelve,” Robert Downey Jr. 371 more words

Weekly Online

Let's Take A Look At What The Cast Of 'PCU' Has Been Up To

PCU was the ’90s college party movie we didn’t know we needed, but we absolutely did.

Following Tom (Chris Young), a preppy pre-frosh visiting Port Chester University,  881 more words


Chef - 7.5/10.

Jon Favreau eats amazing food for two hours and makes everyone else watch.

The general rule with Jon Favreau is the more of a douchebag his character, the funnier his performance (See: 160 more words

Rated 4-7