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Я | R i n d u

Rindu. Baru dua hari hilang dari peradan. Saya rindu suasana dan hiruk pikuk para civitas acamedica. Kiri-kanan depan-belakang. Biarpun terasa individualis, ku tetap rindu. Karena diam-diam mereka berlomba memerjuangkan prestasi. 96 more words

Self Talking

Who will try this for $100?

A guy enters a bar carrying an alligator and says to the patrons, “Here’s a deal. I’ll open this alligator’s mouth and place my genitals inside. 135 more words


The Perils of the Fat Fingered Blogger

The extended “pointer” finger slowly made its way towards the keypad the owner blissfully unaware as they commenced their one finger typing ritual. Busily typing away exploring the thoughts and creativity that blogging allowed them, the ability to pretty much write whatever their heart desired. 270 more words

What the math book said

Craig: What did the math book say to the other math book?
Joey: I don’t know.
Craig: “I’ve got problems.”


Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I’m really hoping this “never miss a Monday” gets me on the same track for blogging as it does running. So far I’m two for two! 77 more words