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Bangkok selfies and self descriptions

Thanks to social media the selfie craze has gotten almost as big as the Clackers did in the 1970’s.  And we see more and more people with the infamous selfie stick around Bangkok and even on the… 195 more words

Three Men in a Bar.... 

Fill In the Blank
By a Thoughts of a Senior Citizen

Three fathers walk into a bar . . .

As they were downing their pints, they decided to have a competition and whoever won wouldn’t have to pay for his drinks for the whole evening. 347 more words

Daily Prompt

Humour is an effective tool that can be developed

Originally published April 14, 2015 in the Winnipeg Free Press

Regardless of the type of speech or presentation that we are doing, humour can be an effective way to draw our audience in and to make an instant connection with them. 234 more words


How To Survive Half-Term

  1. Find a hiding spot away from your children.
  2. Give your children away to someone else for the week.
  3. Eat a whole tub of ice cream.
  4. 11 more words

A lecturer walked into a lecture room and announced there would be an emergency test; and went straight to the board to write the instructions as: 142 more words


एक बच्चे ने क्लास में संडास
कर दी।

टीचर ने उसको 50 रुपये के
जुर्माने की पर्ची थमा दी।

बच्चे ने पूछा ये क्या है। …



One morning, a wife told her husband that she had a dream the previous night where he gave her a beautiful diamond necklace. 89 more words