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“Getting Started”

A book never written: “Getting Started” by Moe Mentum.


गर्लफ्रेंड: मैं अपना पर्स घर पर भूल आई, मुझे 1000
रुपये की जरूरत है।
बॉयफ्रेंड: कर दी न छोटी बात,

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2 लडकियाँ bus में सीट के लिए लड़ रही थी:(😣:evil:😠

कंडक्टर😅 : लड़ो मत, जो उमर में बड़ी हो बैठ जाये

फिर क्या:oops:

दोनों रास्ते भर 😋: दीदी आप बैठ जाओ कहती रही 8 more words


Hello World, Welcome to My To Don't List

Welcome to the world of “My To Don’t List” where you’ll find the ramblings of the items at the top of that list which no one ever wants to have. 88 more words


No comedy in this Greek tragedy: Cafe cops it over “What do you give a Greek with a scratchie?” sign

As published on SmartCompany, click here to view.

Customers of a cafe in Sydney’s north have taken to social media to complain about a sign making light of Greece’s financial situation. 272 more words



The answer to the riddle?

door three the the tigers would be dead!!!

a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what is part of a flower and a bike?

A pedal. 26 more words