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Have U Ever Done This?

After a meeting as I was coming out of a hotel and I was looking for my car keys.

They were not in my pockets and a quick search in the meeting room revealed they weren’t there. 208 more words


Polar Bear Jokes

Q: What to polar bears eat for lunch?
A: Ice berg-ers!

Q: Why shouldn’t you take polar bears to the zoo?
A: Because they’d rather go to the movies. 245 more words


Jokes That'll Be Dead Tomorrow: 03/31/15

Justin Bieber got roasted last night, and much like all the other Comedy Central roasts—nobody really cared. The most interesting thing about roasts is how long the person being roasted can fake laugh over and over again before they start crying. 130 more words

Topical Jokes Of Today

Before you get married...

Thingsthink you should do with your proposed mate before you get married… as they may determine the success (or failure) of the rest of your lives together. 472 more words


Just Kidding - April Fools For Children

Tomorrow is one of my favourite days of the year, April Fools Day. I’m a bit of a big kid and love a practical jokes, so I love April Fools and the kids have come to expect some sort of surprise every year, here’s a couple  I’ve done before and this years plan (but shhh don’t tell the kids). 572 more words

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