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Bread spa day!

A bread idea for a relaxing spa day. Just the perfect match… peanut butter.


Interrupting duck

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Interrupting duck.
Interrupting duc….


Standup Written Down: Lazy Shit

By Croak,

Please read the following as if a comedian were saying the words on stage.  I would like you to use the voice of Louis CK or George Carlin, but that sounds presumptuous. 1,342 more words


If You Were The One, What Would Be Your Reaction?

FUNNY !!! Lol !!!

A little boy said “Mom, did u know that
Anna is an
angel”? Mom said “U mean the maid,
why do u
say that”? The boy said “Well, because… 50 more words


Mommy, my turtle is dead

“Mommy, my turtle is dead,” the little boy, Freddie, sorrowfully told his mother, holding the turtle out to her.

The mother kissed him on the head, then said, “That’s all right. 73 more words