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John Owen's "Mortification" #3

While reading Owen’s work on “Overcoming Sin and Temptation” I came across an excellent few lines on dealing with heart issues in sermons. It struck me, because it’s so easy to deal with sin superficially in the pulpit, instead of taking the time to dig up the roots. 224 more words

John Owen

John Owen's "Mortification" #2

I say, then, that the first thing in mortification is the weakening of this habit, that it shall not impel and tumultuate as formerly; that it shall not entice and draw aside; that it shall not disquiet and perplex the killing of its life, vigor, promptness, and readiness to be stirring.

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John Owen

Gleanings from the Puritans: John Owen

I have recently been reading John Owen’s “Of the Mortification of Sin in believers” and deemed it good to store and share some of my favorite quotes on this blog. 235 more words

John Owen

The Westminster Conference 2015: “The Power of God for Salvation”

The Westminster Conference will take place later this year, God willing, in central London at Regent Hall on Oxford Street. As usual, there are two days of lectures and discussion, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December. 576 more words


John Owen (1616-1683): Distinguishing between the matter and manner of knowing

“The difference between believers and unbelievers as to knowledge, is not so much in the matter of their knowledge, as in the manner of knowing…

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Evening Meditation | 15 June 2015

“ is the medium of all communication between God and us. In him we meet, in him we walk.”

John Owen


Evening Meditation

Christian Duty

“Duty” is a word that has been used throughout history in the positive sense of the term.  From soldiers to civil servants to police officers to doctors to common laborers, many people have done their tasks because they believed it was their duty to do so.  581 more words