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Dust you are: growing small

I run past trees with limbs still winter-bare, each twig curled upward, reaching for heaven.

Some days you can reach and other days your limbs are limp and the longing gone and how then do you find the strength to lift the bare twigs of your soul heavenward? 882 more words

God's Love

Open Mind, Open Heart, chapter 11

Thomas Keating is best known as a proponent of Centering Prayer (sic), a method of completive prayer for modern people founded in the Christian Tradition. His chapter on how contemplative prayer has been lost from Christian practice when, for the first fifteen centuries, it was conducted as a matter of course, is compelling. 567 more words

Time With God

One of my favorite times of day is the early morning, when I am blessed to watch a sunrise over the water.

There are moments of silence and peace before the noise of the day takes over. 96 more words

Angels and Beasts in the Arena’s Dark Night

By Heather DuBois 

Sunday’s Gospel: “The Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness, where he stayed for forty days. There he was put to the test by Satan. 800 more words


Swimming Under Water

Hi everyone, it has been awhile.  The ghost of wandering is back and I am wrestling with him.

To reach satisfaction in all
desire its possession in nothing. 282 more words


The Gifts of Knowledge and Piety in the Contemplative Life

We normally say that four Gifts of the Holy Spirit pertain to action, and three pertain to contemplation. Depending on whom you ask, the three contemplative Gifts of the Holy Spirit are Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge or Wisdom, Understanding, and Piety. 672 more words

Thoughts And Writings


“To reach the supernatural bounds a person must depart from his natural bounds and leave self far off in respect to his interior and exterior limits in order to mount from a low state to the highest.”

114 more words