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Mega 80s night: Not so Mega, not so 80s, but still pretty costly

When we were out with friends on a recent Saturday night, we hooked up (in a 60s sort of way) with another younger couple, Jeff and Kathy. 790 more words

John Mellencamp

John “Johnny Cougar” Mellencamp burst onto the scene with the awesomely bombastic/vaguely misogynistic “I Need a Lover.” Then he sucked for a while. Then he remembered his last name, grew up, and was awesome for a long time. 588 more words


Two Couples

As the Maitre ‘D walked the two couples to their table, Jack took a quick glance around the restaurant, admiring the fancy marble decor and the classic red and white plaid tablecloths common in so many Italian restaurants. 1,535 more words

LENT DEVOTIONAL 2015 – 40 DAYS OF CLASSIC ROCK – #38 – “Jack and Diane” – John Cougar

LENT DEVOTIONAL 2015 – 40 DAYS OF CLASSIC ROCK – #38 – “Jack and Diane” – John Cougar
Pastor Kyle Durbin, Centenary UMC

Despite what my high-school self may tell you, this classic guitar riff was not made famous by Jessica Simpson’s 1999, “I Think I’m In Love With You.” No, that honor goes to John Mellencamp’s (then performing as John Cougar) “Jack and Diane,” released almost 20 years prior to the diva’s pop song. 205 more words


love is thicker than water

but nothing lasts forever
your best efforts don’t always pay
sometimes you get sick and you don’t get better
that’s when life is short even in its longest days… 895 more words


The Show Must Go On

I had the opportunity to see John Mellencamp in concert last night. For those not familiar, you’re dead to me. Ok, not so radical, but seriously, this guy has been around in the rock music scene forever, so you’d have to be either really living under a rock or something to not know him. 338 more words