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Carly Fiorina thinks the best way for Republicans to beat the gender card is to play it

The only woman in the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination has broken glass ceilings–but also left a mess in her wake.

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Welcome aboard, Carly Fiorina

The Republican Party’s presidential field has grown by one — or maybe it’s two — candidate.

Carly Fiorina is running for president next year. She is citing her business experience as the reason for electing her. 315 more words

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"Vote Republican Or Else": GOP Campaign Slogan; Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

Republican presidential candidates want to win your votes by scaring you.

Thanks to the national security lapses of the Obama administration, “we will pay a terrible price one day,” says Sen. 762 more words

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there really isn't much to add to this...

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I know it’s McCain, but take it from someone living abroad. He’s right about this.

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Why Shouldn't We Make an Issue of Hillary Clinton's Age?

Back when Bob Dole and John McCain ran for president–heck, back when Ronald Reagan ran for president–we were told that tremendous demands are made on those who occupy the Oval Office and that the president had to be young and vigorous enough to meet those demands. 252 more words

"Making A Fetish Of John McCain": Using The Veil Of Patriotism To Shroud What Is Plainly Partisan Politics

Its futility makes me so weary it’s hard to type the question, but I’ll type it anyway: Why do the elite Washington media, especially the influential Sunday morning shows, continue to pay deference to, and take seriously, the opinions of John McCain? 981 more words