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2015 Atlanta Film Festival: Masculinity/Femininity

Masculinity/Femininity is an experimental film project interrogating normative notions of gender, sexuality and performance. Shot primarily on Super 8, the project merges academic and creative critique — a document of gender de-construction rather than a documentary about gender construction.

2015 Atlanta Film Festival

Barbara Kay: So long to one of Canada’s nastiest protest groups, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

One of Canada’s nastiest protest groups, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QUAIA), officially retired from operation at the end of February. Few tears will be shed at its demise. 919 more words

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Feds say they've raised Mohamed Fahmy case with Egypt 15 times in 9 days

Mohamed Fahmy‘s brother is criticizing the Canadian government for what he deems inaction in securing the journalist’s release from an Egyptian prison, but Canadian officials say they’ve been raising the case consistently with Egyptian officials. 631 more words



I’ve discussed the political-aesthetic practice of transposition before – superimposing war ‘over there’ on a city ‘over here’ – in relation to both Baghdad and Gaza.   524 more words


Tarek Loubani, detained in Egypt last year, reacts to sentencing of Al Jazeera journalists

Last week, three journalists with Al Jazeera English were convicted on terrorism charges in Egypt in a show trial devoid of due process. One of them, Mohamed Fahmy, is a Canadian citizen.  103 more words


Full Pundit: Why so quiet, John Baird?

Cat got your tongue?
The Toronto Star‘s editorialists, who are well known for their affection for shrill, shouty diplomacy, excoriate Stephen Harper and his minions for failing to direct “ 705 more words

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