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UPDATE: Halloween "Recalibration"?

John Carpenter’s Halloween is my all time favorite movie; so it stands to say that the entire Halloween franchise, is my favorite horror franchise out there. 498 more words

Horror Movies For October #31

And finally we have John Carpenter‘s 1978 game changing film, “Halloween“. A true indie film shot on a budget of $300,00 in 20 days, it defined a genre. 85 more words


Scary Movies -- BOO!

As a child, my sister loved nothing better than a good story about “Bloody Bones” right before she went to bed. My father would oblige her, sitting on her bed and using that tone of voice adults use to convey mystery and suspense and I hated it, lying in my bed on my side of our tiny room. 692 more words

UPDATE!! Rob Zombie is totally PISSED over article claiming he dislikes John Carpenter's Halloween!


So, today an article appeared on MoviePilot which claims that Rob Zombie dislikes or disrespects John Carpenter’s Halloween, a film which Zombie remade.   604 more words