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Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)

John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 is a dazzling slab of 1970s cinema, a vicious blast of volatility and cynicism that certainly reflects the era. Uncaring violence stands at the core of this captivating piece, which is in many ways a modernization of the western movie. 615 more words


If I Were a Carpenter

It Follows is a very creepy horror movie:

Built on suspense instead of gore, it owes a lot to John Carpenter’s classic films, as its director, David Robert Mitchell freely  418 more words

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Fangs God It's Friday: Jack Crow

One of my favorite vampire hunter novels (there aren’t enough of them) is John Steakley’s Vampire$. That the title cleverly replaces the “s” with a dollar sign immediately earns it an extra bit of style cred. 323 more words


DID Media Spotlight: "The Ward"

(Note: If you haven’t seen this movie, I will completely ruin it for you. The main character having DID is supposed to be a twist. Sorry. 1,315 more words



John Carpenter’s filmography is the very definition of “better late than never.” THE THING, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS… all films that met with box office failure and critic/audience dismissal on release, only to gain appreciation decades later, recognized as bona fide classics by later audiences. 1,030 more words


Shaun vs. In the Mouth of Madness (1995)

Directed by John Carpenter

Starring Sam Neill, Jurgen Prochnow, Julie Carmen and Charlton Heston

Released February 3, 1995

Rated R

A publishing firm hires a man to look into the disappearance of their best-selling author, a horror novelist whose works can drive people to madness and his latest nobel may actually bring about the end of the world. 831 more words