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Guarding the Gospel

So, when we see these things, be sure that the Holy Spirit has rightly made provision for such ills and has supplied us with a remedy so that each of us may, quietly and in all humility, obey God’s word.  176 more words

John Calvin

God Sent the Gospel

God’s intention in sending us His gospel was to draw us out of the world and to point us to Himself so that we might await, with confidence, the inheritance of everlasting life so dearly purchased for us by our Lord Jesus Christ.  81 more words

John Calvin

The silly season

Did you happen to watch CNN the other day?  If you didn’t then let me inform you of the coming seasonal change.  No I don’t mean spring, not anything like that rather it is that season that typically happens twice a year around two major Christian holidays.  415 more words


Calvin's Corner #25: King James Onlyism and Limited Atonement

Pastor Michael Newnham and Phil Naessens discuss Phil’s conversation with a King James Only adherent that leads to a discussion about limited atonement.

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Blogging the Institutes--1.4.2--Atheism and "Functional" Atheism

“Blogging the Institutes” is my on-going attempt to paraphrase John Calvin’s work, the Institutes of the Christian Religion. You can find out more about the series in the  447 more words



You vote for clever psychopaths, who know how to manipulate prejudice and fear. It is not only politics which houses the mentally unhinged, as religion also gives them shelter. 1,325 more words

The Love of God Through Jesus - John 3:16

A friend recently forward this devotion to me about John 3:16.  Thought it was very good – decided to learn this verse with my son in Chinese.   921 more words

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