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Cardinal Raymond Burke verses Pope "Francis"... which one? Neither!

The American Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke has spoken out again, telling an interviewer that gay couples and divorced and remarried Catholics who are trying to live good and faithful lives are still like “the person who murders someone and yet is kind to other people.” 201 more words


Daniel (Geneva Series of Commentaries)

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In his Introduction Dr. Wilbur Smith writes: ‘In a day like this in which we are living, when the governments of the world are breaking up, in a day when a vast part of the earth is controlled by a merciless dictatorship, when multitudes of Christians have already known persecution, and many more will before this age ends, there is hardly any book in the Old Testament we could read with more profit than the book of Daniel and scarcely a commentary on any portion of the Old Testament quite so profitable as Calvin’s two volumes on Daniel. 1,854 more words


John Calvin: Reformer of the Christian Church

The Reformed churches are often identified with the teachings of one of the most influential Reformers, John Calvin of Geneva, Switzerland. It’s for this reason that many refer to “Calvinist” churches or to “Calvinism” as a branch of the church similar to ‘Lutheran’ churches who are identified with the work of Martin Luther in Germany. 503 more words

Reformed Churches

Calvin, On the Body of Christ!

“When Calvin speaks, as he regularly does, of the Church as the Body of Christ, he invests the Scriptural figure with immense significance. When he insists on the Headship of Christ in His Church – a central doctrine in Calvin – he is not merely protesting against corruption in ecclesiastical government or obliquely reminding his hearers of the tyranny of Rome; nor is he using the figure in general, mythopoeic fashion. 332 more words


The Sword That Perpetually Hangs over the Neck and the Father Who Holds All Things in His Power

Innumerable are the evils that beset human life; innumerable, too, the deaths that threaten it … Wherever you turn, all things around you not only are hardly to be trusted but almost openly menace, and seem to threaten immediate death.

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A Quick and Easy Chart on Two Kingdoms and Neo-Calvinism

The doctrine of “two kingdoms” has received a lot of attention in Reformed circles lately. Some say the idea is clearly Calvinistic, while others reject it as a “Lutheran” distinctive. 832 more words