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Blogging the Institutes--1.5.7--Knowing God's Goodness, Justice, and Mercy

“Blogging the Institutes” is my on-going attempt to paraphrase John Calvin’s work, the Institutes of the Christian Religion. You can find out more about the series in the  294 more words



“Theology is doctrine or teaching of living to God,” William Ames.


Calvin on Public Prayer and Corporate Praise

I have been reading through a recent publication of Calvin’s Institutes that was translated from his 1541 “French Edition”, which, when compared to the other extended Latin translations, proves to read more like a pastor and friend than a textbook, being that French was Calvin’s native tongue and that this edition was meant for a wider audience. 1,616 more words


Is Calvinism the Savior of American Christianity?

Growing up Pentecostal I didn’t know much about Presbyterians. Although, I always enjoyed hearing the joke, “It sure is quiet in this Presbyterian Church,” uttered from the pulpit. 775 more words


¿Cómo entendés vos que se nos perdonan los pecados?

Lector, la letra que parece como una “f” es una “s larga” que se usaba en el inicio o el medio de una palabra.

De un catecismo de Juan Calvino, traducido y publicado en 1596.


On the place of non-Christian thought in the intellectual life of the believer.

I love philosophy, particularly political philosophy. Being a Christian does not mean that non-Christian thinkers offer nothing beneficial to me or mankind. But non-Christian thought lacks something that, as a believer, makes it insufficient. 375 more words

Apologetics And Philosophy

The heathen error of placing angels on the throne of God refuted

The heathen error of placing angels on the throne of God refuted.
1. By passages of Scripture.

10. It remains to give warning against the superstition which usually begins to creep in, when it is said that all blessings are ministered and dispensed to us by angels. 243 more words

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